Arctic Wilderness

The Northern region’s natural exoticism is at its best where it manifests itself in a pure and untouched form. The Oulu region’s natural sites in national parks are a cross-section of the arctic biodiversity: you can find the Ice Age shaped lichen-covered ridges, age-old fabled forests, miles of sandy beaches, tall fell highlands, inhabited by hundreds of thousands of birds in wetland areas, and lush parks near the city centre.


The four seasons change nature in a miraculous way

The warm summer wakes the Oulu region’s Arctic wilderness into bloom after the cold of winter when the trees, flowers and plants in a riot of colour are a rare sight. Autumn nature is coloured with gorgeous yellow, red and brown tones, which is called vibrant autumn foliage. Winter covers the nature with white snow drifts, which emphasizes the contrast of the extraordinary nature of the Arctic. During the spring, the remains of winter quickly disappear and nature begins to rise again in full glory, when the rapid growth of plants, flowers and tree foliage is nice to follow while waiting for the summer. You can therefore enjoy the highlights of nature all year round in the Oulu region’s arctic wilderness!


Everyman’s right is the best way to experience the arctic wilderness on your own

It’s possible to camp, hike, swim in natural waterways, pick berries and mushrooms, as well as enjoy a campfire anywhere in the Oulu region. The Finnish legislation of 'Everyman's right' makes this possible, under which all can enjoy nature on their own completely free of charge, as long as you remember to not litter and respect nature, other people, as well as private areas.



Arktische Wildnis

Wie kann man die arktische Wildnis erleben

Arktische Erlebnisse

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Arktische Erlebnisse:

Winter Wunderland

Die Natur ändert sich in der Oulu-Region im Winter, wenn üppige Schneefelder die Landschaft ganz weiß färben, und die frostige Luft friert das Meer unter einer dicken Eisschicht ein. Ballähnliche Schneeformationen um Bäume, die durch Frost gemacht werden, heißen Kronenschnee, und es verleiht der Natur ein verzaubertes Aussehen. Schnee macht die Region Oulu zu einem wahren Winterwunderland!