The Frozen Sea

One thing that makes the Oulu region’s water areas so special is that the water always freezes during the winter. The ice makes the landscape look marvellous: you might not see anything other than white around you! The ice is load-bearing in Oulu’s water areas and you can move on it in the middle of winter from January-March by a number of means of transport. However, you should always make sure that the ice is load-bearing!


Ice is the Oulu region’s most spacious winter hiking trail

The frozen sea provides an easy fairway to the Oulu region between a group of islands and the coast. Close to the icy area you can find many campfire shelters and barbecuing places, where it’s easy to access a winter picnic area on foot or by bicycle or even fatbike.



If, however, you’re interested in a longer excursion on sea ice, the Oulu region activity programmes will take travellers with snowmobiles and other vehicles up to an overnight winter safari. You can also move on the ice independently by skiing, skating and even car. Fishing enthusiasts can enjoy winter fishing on the ice.









frozen sea

How to experience the frozen sea

Arctic experiences

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Northern Lights

People come to marvel the Oulu region’s night sky with different shades of glowing green and red auroras even from a long distance, and for a good reason: this remarkable light phenomenon of the Arctic winter environment has puzzled people for a long time. The Northern Lights are born when the solar winds Sun rush towards the magnetic polar regions of the Earth and hit the atmosphere releasing energy that is seen in green and red colours. Thanks to the northern location of the Oulu region, it is one of the world's most desirable places to see the Northern Lights.