Huskies & Reindeer

Huskies and reindeer have been important draft animals for the Oulu region people for a long time, helping to transport local foods and merchandise in a sleigh through the snow and forests. Nowadays, these northern nature raised winter adventurers take you for a sleigh ride in Oulu region’s snowy environments. Reindeer and huskies naturally enjoy pulling sleighs and sleds, and they are very tame, curious and human-friendly.


Huskies and reindeer are the most characteristic animals of the arctic environment

A reindeer is a semi-domesticated form of deer, found only in Fennoscandia. Reindeer can be identified by their stately horns and seasonal colour changing fur that is brown in summer and white in winter. The husky is a sociable, sweet and energetic sled dog breed, originally from Siberia. Huskies have worked to help people in the Arctic region for over 100 years. These animals like children as well as adults, and are not alarmed if you go and pet them.


Experience the winter environment in a new way riding with huskies and reindeer!

Sleigh and sled rides pulled by animals can be both an exciting and soothing experience. Reindeer rides take a more moderate pace, while huskies like to pull the sled a little faster. Rides are held in the Oulu region on, for example, sea ice, fell highlands and crown snow environments of national parks, and a sleigh ride under a warm blanket is an unforgettable experience, regardless of the speed. You might even get to rein the sleigh yourself!

huskies and reindeer

How to experience huskies and reindeer

Arctic experiences

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People come to marvel the Oulu region’s night sky with different shades of glowing green and red auroras even from a long distance, and for a good reason: this remarkable light phenomenon of the Arctic winter environment has puzzled people for a long time. The Northern Lights are born when the solar winds Sun rush towards the magnetic polar regions of the Earth and hit the atmosphere releasing energy that is seen in green and red colours. Thanks to the northern location of the Oulu region, it is one of the world's most desirable places to see the Northern Lights.