The Midnight Sun

To balance the dark winter, the Oulu region enjoys an exceptionally bright Summer: June-July is bright until the wee hours of the night, and at the end of June the sun shines through the night! This phenomenon is called the Midnight Sun, and it will transform the Oulu region into one of the world's brightest spots during the summer.



The Midnight Sun is a time of celebration

In honour of the Midnight Sun, Finland has for long celebrated Midsummer, which is positioned around the brightest day of the year at the end of June. Midsummer is celebrated with traditional ceremonies: people gather with loved ones to celebrate at the summer cottages with good food, drinks and a sauna. Tradition also includes the burning of large Midsummer bonfires, which according to the old beliefs expel evil spirits.



The Midnight Sun in the Oulu region means making the most of the environment

The Midnight Sun turns the Oulu region’s nature into full bloom, and people, enjoy the various events, parks and restaurant terraces in the region. Everyone can experience the Midnight Sun in their own way: you can party the night away at summer festivals, go fishing through the night in the rich waters of the Oulu region or even take a hike in a national park and enjoy quality time with a family barbecue by a midnight campfire.

Midnight Sun

How to experience the Midnight Sun



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      Huskies and reindeer have been important draft animals for the Oulu region people for a long time, helping to transport local foods and merchandise in a sleigh through the snow and forests. Nowadays, these northern nature raised winter adventurers take you for a sleigh ride in Oulu region’s snowy environments. Reindeer and huskies naturally enjoy pulling sleighs and sleds, and they are very tame, curious and human-friendly.