Northern Lights

People come to marvel the Oulu region’s night sky with different shades of glowing green and red auroras even from a long distance, and for a good reason: this remarkable light phenomenon of the Arctic winter environment has puzzled people for a long time. The Northern Lights are born when the solar winds Sun rush towards the magnetic polar regions of the Earth and hit the atmosphere releasing energy that is seen in green and red colours. Thanks to the northern location of the Oulu region, it is one of the world's most desirable places to see the Northern Lights.


Northern Lights season lasts up to six months

The Northern Lights are best seen away from the lights of downtown in clear and cold weather when the sky is dark and cloudless. The Oulu region’s Aurora Borealis is most likely to appear during the period from September to March, wherein on average they are seen every fourth night. Since this is a natural phenomenon, the Northern Lights may glow in the sky for many nights in a row, or hide behind the clouds out of sight.


The Northern Lights can be experienced in many ways in the Oulu region!

To see the Oulu region’s Aurora Borealis you do not have to walk in the middle of a dark environment, but the Aurora Borealis can be admired even at a fell highland resort hotel in an outdoor jacuzzi, sipping champagne or at a family cottage terrace relishing hot chocolate. However, it’s possible to experience the wildest adventures by going with adventure firms to hunt the Northern Lights even in the middle of the night.

Northern Lights

Experience the Northern Lights

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