Summer in Gulf of Bothnia

When sunbathing on the Oulu region’s sandy beaches during the summer, you would not first believe that the sea was covered with a thick layer of ice only a few months earlier. However, the northern location in the Oulu region doesn’t mean cold weather throughout the year, as in June-August, the temperatures in the area are often close to heat wave temperatures and the sea water is not cold either! This causes people to gather near water for sunbathing, picnics, beach restaurants and summery water activities.




Water Activities rejuvenate mind and body!

There are countless ways in the Oulu region to experience the summer sea: enjoy a delicious meal at a waterfront restaurant, standup paddleboarding board in the sea and amongst the green islands of the delta, take a morning swim at the beach from the pier or eat a delicious picnic dinner on the sandy beach admiring the sunset.




The region’s sandy beaches also have great potential for surfing, kitesurfing, windsurfing and other speedier water activities. The sea region is also accessible by a number of charter boats, which entertain passengers with maritime and ocean delights during the cruise.



Gulf of Bothnia summer

How to experience the Gulf of Bothnia summer

Arctic experiences

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Arctic Wilderness

The Northern region’s natural exoticism is at its best where it manifests itself in a pure and untouched form. The Oulu region’s natural sites in national parks are a cross-section of the arctic biodiversity: you can find the Ice Age shaped lichen-covered ridges, age-old fabled forests, miles of sandy beaches, tall fell highlands, inhabited by hundreds of thousands of birds in wetland areas, and lush parks near the city centre.