Winter Wonderland

Nature changes in a mind-blowing way in the Oulu region in mid-winter, when abundant snowscapes colour the landscape completely white, and the frosty air freezes the sea under a thick layer of ice. Ball-like formations of snow around trees made by frost are called crown snow, and it truly makes nature seem enchanting. Snow makes the Oulu region a true winter wonderland!


Winter Wonderland is at its best in mountainous nature

The Oulu region’s mountain areas have the best snow throughout the Finnish regions, where the winter season starts at its best in October and continues until May. The crown snow’s wintry environment is at its best after a heavy snow cover in mid-winter in January-March. For example, in the fell highland environment of Syöte, you can find marvellous snow-laden forests boasting the sound of silence, and stunning landscapes low and high in the meandering terrain.


Winter Wonderland is full of things to do!

The snow is not the easiest to walk on foot, but the locals have over the years discovered many convenient ways to traverse the snowscapes. Snowshoes take you to even the snowiest places without sinking your feet. Cross-country skis are suitable for speedier transport, which allow you to enjoy the winter nature on Oulu region’s well-maintained cross-country skiing tracks. The region also has some top ski resorts, where you can find suitable slopes for all levels of skiers.


winter wonderland

How to experience the winter wonderland

Arctic experiences

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Northern Lights

People come to marvel the Oulu region’s night sky with different shades of glowing green and red auroras even from a long distance, and for a good reason: this remarkable light phenomenon of the Arctic winter environment has puzzled people for a long time. The Northern Lights are born when the solar winds Sun rush towards the magnetic polar regions of the Earth and hit the atmosphere releasing energy that is seen in green and red colours. Thanks to the northern location of the Oulu region, it is one of the world's most desirable places to see the Northern Lights.