Tervahiihto Ski Marathon 3.3.2018


Tervahiihto Ski Marathon

The first Tervahiihto Ski Marathonwas organised in 1889. The event has now been revised and intends to become one of the largest ski races in the world, with a goal of attracting more than 4,000 participants. The event is organised near Oulu. The venue has excellent traffic connections.

The race starts on the ice of the River Oulu, and the route proceeds to Tervareitistö, the Tar Trail. The 70-kilometre route runs from Utajärvi lake to Sankivaara. The impressive scenery also attracts non-competitive participants, who enjoy the shelters and other stopping places along the route. An alternative route starts from Muhos, with a total length of 37 kilometres. Transport to the venue is organised for the participants.